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Maternity session under huge tree in Balboa Park
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Black and white maternity photography in San Diego, CA
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Artistic maternity photos. Belly with hands
La Jolla maternity photo shoot
Military maternity photos in San Diego, CA
Maternity shot in eucalyptus trees
Maternity studio art in North County San Diego
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Beautiful B&W maternity photos in San Diego County
Pregnant mama with daughter
Balboa Park Maternity Photographer
Old Poway Park Maternity Photos
Studio maternity portraits in San Diego, maternity session
Pregnancy and architecture
Butterfly flying dress
Indian Couple maternity photo shoot in San Diego, CA
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Beautiful Light Maternity
San Diego maternity photo shoot in the dunes
Pregnant woman leaning against the wall
High key maternity shot
Pregnant girl in red maternity Dress
San Diego maternity photos in pampas grass
Pregnant women lying on big tree
Creative San Diego maternity photographer
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San Diego studio maternity - twins maternity
Maternity and Newborn photographer at Oceanside, CA
Studio Maternity photos with dramatic lighting
Torrey Pines Beach Maternity
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Pregnant women in dress laying on the floor
Maternity photos - blue butterfly dress
Maternity photos at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve
Rancho Santa Fe fine art maternity photography
Del Mar maternity - blue maternity dress
Maternity Photographer - Pacific Beach, CA
La Jolla beach maternity photography
Escondido maternity photography at woodsy location
Maternity session at eucalyptus grove in La Jolla, CA
Artistic maternity photos in studio - pregnant belly
San Diego maternity photos with dramatic lighting
Artistic maternity portrait in hat
Long flowing maternity dress outdoor
Studio maternity pictures with siblings
Solana Beach pregnancy photographer
Poway maternity photography by the lake
Maternity session on beach at San Diego, CA
Black and white maternity photos with partner
Maternity photos in Balboa Park
Poway maternity photographer - Old Poway Park
Maternity in swinging basket outdoor
Dancing pregnant mama
Pregnancy photos near San Diego Zoo
White dress on gray background
Silhouette beach maternity photo shoot
Maternity pictures with flowing fabric
Unique maternity photos with bird's nest in La Jolla
San Diego maternity studio
Pregnant photos by the huge trees
Balboa Park Maternity Session - pink flowing dress
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The maternity session is about more than a baby bump. We feel that your maternity session should be more than simply a photo shoot. It should be a day to remember, a day of celebrating, processing, realizing, and honoring this time as you get closer to your due date. It's about documenting your family as it is now before you go through a period of significant change and expansion. It's about preserving forever that feeling of anticipation and excitement. It's all about accepting and respecting this fleeting, supremely feminine figure.

The best time to take maternity pictures is around 28-32 weeks when your belly is already showing but not too close to your due date.
You are welcome to schedule a complimentary consultation to perfectly tailor the maternity session to you. Style, posing, wardrobe, and lighting will be discussed during the consultation with her. I believe that working closely with our clients allows us to truly bring their dreams into the real world. A Maternity Guide that provides more info on how to prepare for the session will be sent to you once you book your session. You will be able to choose from a wonderful collection of drapery, gowns, dresses, and robes for your session. Your stunning portraits will be enhanced by having your makeup and hair done by professional make up artist and hair stylist and can be added to the package for an extra charge. If you are interested in an outdoor maternity session, it can be shot at a local scene such as a park, beach, field or woodsy settings. I photographed weddings and engagements in San Diego for many years before switching to newborn photography. I've been able to scout out many pretty locations all throughout San Diego county, that are perfect for a romantic outdoor maternity photo shoot.
If you are mesmerized by the simplicity of studio maternity pictures and dramatic studio lilting, we offer studio maternity photo shoots as well. The option of shooting in the studio allows you to relax during the session in the comfort of a private and air-conditioned environment. The safe and comfortable atmosphere in our studio is ideal for those who are intrigued by nude or semi-nude boudoir maternity photos.
Up to two wardrobes are included in the one hour maternity session. Husbands and children are welcomed to participate in the session at no extra cost.

Getting emotion out of couples and capturing it in photos is definitely not an easy task. There are so many things to look for, from the pose to the light, and then you have to worry about whether or not her hair looks good or if his hand is in the right spot. And on top of all that, you need to capture the emotional connection between the couple – something that's not always easy to do.

But even when you're trying your best to capture that emotional connection, just asking a couple to look "in love" or happy usually doesn't work. That's because they're usually thinking about a million other things at that moment, and most of them are not necessarily comfortable enough in front of the camera to naturally let their love show.

I've been a professional photographer for years now, and I've tried all sorts of techniques to get genuine emotions from my couples. I've tried telling jokes, asking them to hug, to "look in love” and even fake laugh for the camera, having them think about their future together, and even getting them to kiss each other. But nothing seems to work as well as asking them to think about something that makes them happy.

It could be anything- their favorite food, a funny memory they shared, their kids, anything at all. When they focus on those positive emotions, it shows in their faces and in the photos. The results are always beautiful and natural-looking portraits that capture the essence of their relationship.

When it comes to capturing tender and loving moments between couples, I have a little secret weapon. I can't rely on them naturally producing the right emotion for the photo, so instead, I direct them every step of the way. It may sound a bit manipulative, but when it comes to getting that perfect shot, you have to do what you gotta do! I direct them on how to stand, where to look, and what expressions to have. It's like directing a play - every little detail matters. And when everything comes together just right, you get this beautiful photo of two people in love.

With my help, they're able to produce an incredibly genuine-looking emotional moment that would be impossible otherwise. And isn't that what photography is all about? Capturing those fleeting moments in time? Sometimes, all it takes is a little guidance from the photographer to get those natural smiles and tender moments.

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