San Diego newborn photography mom smiling into cheek
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San Diego newborn photography mom smiling into cheek

What if my newborn is not sleepy during a newborn photo shoot? This question parents always ask before the session. Don't worry! If your baby is fully fed, happy, and wide awake, I will try to snap a few awake pictures and hopefully, we will get lucky and I will be able to capture a few shots of your baby looking at the camera. Those pictures are always the parent's favorites. Although, it's unpredictable what facial expressions we might get! Haha! It can be anything from a grumpy and sad face to a cross-eye look and cute little smirks. But, I know that parents will treasure those moments. One of my favorite things to do is take pictures of newborns looking at the camera. It's not always easy, since they move around a lot, but when I manage to get a good shot, it's definitely a jackpot.
What can be cuter than a photo of a newborn baby posing for the camera? But, don't expect your newborn baby to make eye contact yet. It's one of the first milestones you'll notice when your baby gets older. Infants usually start looking you in the eye when they are about six to eight weeks old.

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