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San Diego Outdoor Newborn Photographer | Newborn pictures outdoors in San Diego, CA

We are lucky to be able to shoot in San Diego where we have warm weather and are able to shoot almost year round. Your newborn will always be wrapped or dressed in warm stylized outfits. A heater and a pop-up tent are also used to keep the baby warm and cozy.
Outdoor sessions are always planned ahead of time at locations with easy access and a variety of spots for different setups and poses. It can be a neighborhood park, shaded trail, field or even beautiful patches of flowers near a parking lot. Keep in mind we don't need a large space for outdoor newborn photography. A small tiny garden or patch of wildflowers can look huge compared to the size of a newborn baby. Each session is styled ahead of time with custom made props and outfits. This allows the pictures to always be unique and beautiful. Svetlana always works with an assistant for her studio and outdoor newborn sessions to ensure the baby’s safety. The assistant is always an arm length away and keeps an eye on the baby at all times. The safety of your children is our first priority. Newborn skin is very sensitive and is always kept in the shade to protect it. Svetlana uses a screen or a pop-up tent to keep your newborn out of direct sunlight. Parents are always encouraged to help with outdoor sessions. They can hold a reflector and help spot the baby. An extra helping hand or two are always welcome. :)
Outdoor newborn sessions can be scheduled in the morning or in the evening 2 hours before sunset, during the golden hour, which is the perfect time for the most beautiful soft natural lighting. A white noise machine, called the baby shusher, is provided to help soothe the baby. A vibrating pad is also used to keep the baby calm when they are fussy. Everything is provided for you on the day of the session. You don't have to bring anything, just your baby, milk (breast or bottle), and a pacifier!
Although outdoor newborn photography sounds like an amazing opportunity to use our beautiful San Diego outdoors with endless background options, sometimes it can be tricky to keep the baby warm and comfortable. Therefore outdoor newborn sessions are limited to using long sleeve outfits, hats and wraps with a selection of a few props. Outdoor sessions are always dependent on the weather and what’s blooming in the area. As a result, each session is unique due to the location, time of day and preferred style. Outdoor sessions tend to be more vibrant, colorful and feature natural elements, greenery and flowers. If you prefer neutral colors such as white, cream and gray, you would need to go with a studio session where setups are designed to match your nursery and home décor. If you can not decide which session is best for you and want to have the best of both worlds, you can go with a combo package that comes with a 1.5 hour studio session and a 1.5 hour outdoor session. Svetlana recommends scheduling a studio newborn session in the morning and adding an outdoor newborn session in the afternoon for those parents who want to add variety to their newborn photo gallery.

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