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What to wear for a photoshoot.

One of the important things about your newborn photo shoot is the clothing that you wear. It sets the style and tone of the newborn session. Remember, that these will be your first family pictures! You want them to be as perfect as possible. They will bring you back to that moment in time when you became a family of three (or four, or five! :). There are no rules, but here are some suggestions for you to consider.

Mother in white dress holding newborn baby
Carlsbad newborn photographer, newborn with mom
San Diego newborn photography, newborn baby with family
Family portrait with newborn girl

1. Everyone feels comfortable.

I think it is important that everyone feels comfortable. I suggest that the mom select her outfit first, and she should choose something she is comfortable in. If there are any concerns about her post-pregnancy shape, then I suggest wearing something loose or with layers. If the mom is conscious of her cleavage, then I recommend a higher neckline, since I take photos from many different angles. For moms, I recommend soft neutral tones such as white, grey, or beige. These will photograph beautifully against your baby's skin tone and give you a sense of comfort in front of the camera while still looking stylish! Black is also a good choice. People usually look slimmer in black as it helps to hide those unwanted extra pounds that every mom has after delivering a baby. I would recommend avoiding tight-fitting tops for postpartum photos; instead, opt for long-flowing maxi dresses that cover up any extra curves (leggings work well too). Once mom’s outfit is selected, the partner can pick something out that he loves with complementary colors. For dads, I usually recommend jeans or khakis and a neutral t-shirt or a button-down shirt. Make sure you are able to roll up the sleeves and leave the shirt untucked. If you are willing we can do skin-to-skin which is BEAUTIFUL! These will be your most treasured newborn pictures! Please check out my San Diego family photography gallery for some ideas for your newborn photos.

2. Simplicity is best.

The first thing I want you to notice in your newborn family pictures is the love and connection, not what you are wearing. Your clothing should reflect the simple beauty of the moment we are trying to capture. When it comes to what to wear for a photo shoot, keep it simple. Avoid patterns and busy prints, as they can be distracting. Stick to neutral color tones that coordinate well together. You want your clothing to be timeless and classic, rather than trendy or flashy. This will help ensure that your photos look as good years from now as they do today. Avoid statement pieces or anything that might distract from the overall look you're going for. Instead, opt for classic pieces that will stand the test of time. With a little planning and forethought, you can ensure that your newborn photoshoot wardrobe is both stylish and timeless. You can see some ideas on what to wear for your newborn session in my extensive San Diego newborn photography portrfolio. If you are booking your newborn photo shoot after your baby is already born, you probably don't have time to shop around for clothing. No worries, I do have some clothes available in my studio that you can borrow for your newborn family photos. They usually fit everybody well and look great in the photographs.

3. Consider where the photos will be displayed.

When choosing a newborn session wardrobe, think about the final results and how the photos will be featured in your home. For example, if the home is mostly neutral and pastel colors then avoid bright colors or patterns as these will not match well with other elements of your home décor!

Newborn sessions are such an important part of creating memories for your family. It's not just about what you are wearing, but also how you look in your first family portraits and then later on when displayed throughout the home or given as gifts! Think ahead to where you want these photos showcased and decide on your clothing accordingly.

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