San Diego newborn photography, baby in pink
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San Diego newborn photography, baby in pink

There is only a short window of time to capture all the newness! Babies grow up so fast! They don’t stay snuggly and curly for long. In fact, before you know it they are rolling around, crawling, walking, and running off to school. You promise yourself that you will memorize every little detail of their tiny, newborn face and hands. But somewhere in between the sleepless nights and long days, those tiny details in your memory start to fade and that tiny baby is not so tiny anymore.
Let me capture those precious newborn pictures for you. I promise they will be the most treasured pictures that you will ever have in your life!

Location: San Diego, CA.

Keywords: black baby, cozy (10), newborn (101), pink (24), side lying pose (10), simply baby, sleepy (19).

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