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I love watching newborn babies smile. There's just something so special about it. I always get a little excited when I see them start to show the signs that they're about to smile. Usually, their eyes start moving around or their breathing patterns change just a little bit right before they let out an adorable smirk. Sometimes that smile lasts a split second, so you have to get ready to capture it!

My assistant and I have been around quite a few newborns, and we've learned that there are a few other signs that can indicate that the baby is about to smile. For example, sometimes they'll start to root around for something or their hands might start twitching. We have been working with newborns for a long time and we can really read those baby cues. So, you can imagine how excited and nervous we get when we see that the baby is about to smile. We will do everything in our power to capture this moment! Those cute pictures of smiling newborns are always the parent's favorites! It's unpredictable what you are going to get, a real smile or a little smirk, but it's always worth waiting and capturing those pictures showing your baby's personality!

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