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San Diego beach newborn photography

ABL Photography offers fully stylized posed newborn photo shoots in the studio and outdoors. All the props and outfits are provided by the photographer. All you need to bring to the photo shoot is your baby, their milk (breast or bottle), and a pacifier and see the magic happen in from of your eyes!

Beach photo shoot requires participation of both parents and it's weather permitting. Your baby will be dressed in multiple layers or fully wrapped for cooler days. Newborns usually love to sleep outdoors in the nature. Outdoor newborn session can be scheduled year-round in San Diego, CA, but for those rear cold and rainy days studio is the safe option. It's packed full of the most beautiful delicate hand-made outfits, props and backgrounds.

Svetlana's studio is always bustling with activity. She specializes in newborn photography and her work is in high demand. Parents from all over the city come to her studio to have their children photographed. Svetlana prided herself on her ability to create beautiful, timeless portraits of newborns.
The best time for newborn session is the first two weeks after birth. Reserve your spot ahead of time, preferably during your second trimester. Svetlana puts due dates on her calendar and schedules newborn sessions after babies arrive. Some babies are born early, some are late. They usually balance out in the end.

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