Santa Fe newborn photographer, wall art wooden blocks
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Santa Fe newborn photographer, wall art wooden blocks

Congratulations on your new arrival! This is the beginning of your family’s legacy. These moments deserve to be enjoyed daily and treasured for a lifetime. When your brand new baby grows older, they’re going to want to know how their story began. They’re going to want to see themselves so tiny in your arms and all the love in your eyes as a proud new parent. How will you show them these precious moments they can’t remember? Will you give them your iCloud password? Will you search the junk drawer for that outdated USB? Will you even still have that old hard drive or iPhone from years past?

Let’s be honest, digital images are great for sharing on social media but they just aren’t designed to last a lifetime. If you’re investing in some of the most important memories of your life with a photographer, you should have the option of beautiful fine art products designed to stand the test of time alongside those timeless memories. Contact us today to book your newborn photography session and start preserving this special time for future generations.

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