Older siblings holding newborn baby
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Older siblings holding newborn baby

When this family came in for their newborn photo session, they brought along all four of their children - ranging from 7 years to 1 week old! It was quite a sight and many photographers might have felt overwhelmed. However, I welcomed them with open arms, knowing how important it is to include siblings in the newborn session.

Even though each of them had been excited about coming to take photos on that day, once we arrived at my studio, things changed quickly. The older two started wrangling and getting distracted while the youngest began crying uncontrollably. I knew this was going to be one challenging shoot!

I decided that bribery would be our best tactic here so I opened up my secret stash of candy and treats which did wonders in calming everyone down and getting their attention back on track! We all laughed as they eagerly rushed over when they saw what was inside.

The next few hours were filled with lots of laughter, fun poses involving siblings together or individually being held by mommy or daddy; even some tears (the good kind!) as we all enjoyed capturing some beautiful moments between these loving sisters and brother who had just welcomed a new addition into the family.

In the end, we got exactly what we set out for: meaningful images full of love showing off this sweet little baby surrounded by her adoring siblings - despite any challenges that may have come our way throughout our photoshoot!

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