The best time for posed studio newborn baby photography
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The best time for posed studio newborn baby photography

Want to capture those perfect moments of your new bundle of joy? You're in luck! A newborn photography session is an incredible way to cherish these memories forever. Wondering if you should book while still expecting or after the baby’s arrival? Although you should book ahead when still expecting, ideally in your third trimester, it's totally understandable if life gets a bit chaotic and puts this on the back burner - don't worry! There is hope that your newborn photographer might have a last-minute cancelation as babies are unpredictable and can squeeze you in. Just remember that photographers reserve only so many days per week specifically for newborns and availability can be limited. So even though the baby has already arrived - don't delay any further: call your photographer ASAP to snap up one of their precious spots before they're gone!

When is the best time to schedule a newborn photography session?

When it comes to newborn photography, there is no exact age at that you have to take the photos but as a professional newborn photographer, I have learned from experience that usually the best time for newborn photos is within the first two weeks after birth. During this time period, babies tend to be more sleepy and curl up into those adorable poses that make for such sweet pictures!

For my own personal style of newborn photography, I recommend aiming for days 6-10 after your baby has made its grand entrance into the world. That way you can spend those first few days in the hospital or birthing center with your new bundle of joy and then have some extra time at home afterward to settle in before our session. Keep in mind that sometimes newborns may stay in the hospital for one or two days following birth to have their jaundice levels monitored - nothing wrong with taking those few extra moments before you get settled into life as a family!
Parents of breastfed babies should wait until the mother’s milk comes in so your newborn will be sure to have a nice full tummy after every feeding (about 6-10 days). Bottle-fed babies generally take more per feeding so may be photographed as early as 4-5 days old.

Please contact me as soon as possible after your baby is born. So, I can schedule your newborn photo shoot within the recommended time frame. This also gives me enough time to plan out every aspect of our newborn session so we can ensure everyone is comfortable and relaxed during it. I usually prepare all the props ahead of time. So, when you arrive at the studio with your baby, everything is ready to go! I always ask my clients about their color preferences, so I can plan their sessions accordingly. We'll also discuss any special requests they might have beforehand like incorporating family heirlooms or using certain fabrics or textures. Rest assured though - I am here every step of the way with personalized guidance throughout your entire experience!

In conclusion, when it comes down to taking newborn photos one thing is key: timing is everything! Aiming for 6-10 days old will give us plenty of opportunity for beautiful shots without having them be overly awake or fussy due to being older than two weeks yet still providing us with plenty of flexibility depending on how things go on the baby’s end.

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